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Choosing Your Perfect Garage Door

Investigating A Commercial Garage Door Malfunction Issue

by Rose Franklin

If you have a business with a commercial garage door, then you may have special needs that require the proper function of it at all times. This can make it extremely frustrating if the door no longer opens the way it should. If you are having a problem with the way the door works, then there are a few key areas that you should investigate.

Look At Accessories

Most commercial garage door installation experts will hook up specific accessories to automatic garage doors to meet commercial needs. While the accessories can add to the overall function of the door, they can keep the door from opening and closing if they malfunction.

One of the more common accessories includes a timer. If your garage door closed automatically after a certain amount of time or if another function is on a delay, then you likely have a timer installed. These timers work by delaying the message to the main control of the garage door opener. If the timer is not working correctly, then it can keep the opener from receiving any messages at all. Most timer devices are installed directly into an auxiliary port on the main control panel. Look for the port on the panel and pull out the timer device. Try your garage door afterward to see if it works correctly. 

There are a number of other devices that may be plugged into the auxiliary like a light or security integration device. Simply remove these devices as well to see if the accessory is causing the problem. Receivers and modules may be installed in other areas of the control panel with the assistance of wires so you may need to do a bit of investigation to remove all accessories. 

You should be aware that some devices can be installed directly to the door too, so if you are having trouble figuring out what might be causing an issue, speak with your installer for assistance.

Consider An Overload Situation

Commercial garage door openers are utilized and stressed more often than residential varieties. This stress can cause a good deal of heat, and the opener motor is exposed to most of this heat. The increase in temperature can cause an overheating situation. If the motor overheats, then the wires may burn out or the motor may simply no longer work  Most commercial opener motors are equipped with overload protectors for this reason. 

If an overload protector trips, then you may need to reset it manually. While most will reset after about 15 minutes, this is not the case for all devices. Look for a button on the motor to reset it. 

If the device will not reset, then there may be a short causing the issue that is preventing the motor from resetting properly. An electrician or a commercial garage door maintenance specialist can assist you with this.