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Hi there, my name is Benjamin Parsley. Welcome to my website. I am here to talk about the wide range of garage doors available for residential buildings. When I moved into my home, I wanted to immediately upgrade my garage door to suit my exact needs. The existing garage door just did not have the functions I needed to easily access my home. I found the perfect garage door and had it professionally installed to complete this project. On this website, I hope to explore the process of selecting a garage door from the vast selection available on the market today. Thank you.


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Choosing Your Perfect Garage Door

How To Replace Garage Door Panels

by Rose Franklin

Garage door replacements can be a costly investment. It is generally a worthwhile upgrade when you consider how important the garage is to the overall style your home exterior. That being said, a complete garage door replacement is often unnecessary. If your garage door opener, pulley, springs, and frames are all in good condition, you can change your panels and leave everything else. This will make your garage look completely new, but at fraction of the price. This article explains how panel replacement works and should help you figure out it is it is even an option for your garage.

Can Your Panels Be Replaced?

Most modern garage doors have removable panels. This means you can take off the panel and install a new one quite easily. The only thing is that the frame that holds the panels needs to be in good condition. You can check the integrity of the frame by looking at your garage from the inside. If you don't notice any serious cracks or bends in the frame, you will probably be able to pull out the panel.

Remove and Install the New Panels

Removing the panels is actually very simple, and something that can usually be done with just a power drill. However, don't remove anything until your new panels are in place and you know they are the right size. For the best results, you should always order new panels directly from the original manufacturer of your garage door.

When your new panels do arrive, you will want at least one helper to assist you in installation. One person can be on the inside removing the fastening screws to the panel as the other one pulls it out of the frame. You don't need to be too careful with the old panel since you are just giving them away. However, installing the new panels requires a little more delicacy. Both people will need to lift the panel in place, once it is in the frame, the other has to go inside the garage and attach the new fastening screws. Just like that, you will have new panels that make it look like you have entirely new garage door.

This job is surprisingly simple, even though the large panels can be a little bit awkward to deal with. But, since you could have them delivered directly to your property, it is a very practical and achievable way to upgrade your garage doors.