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Choosing Your Perfect Garage Door

How Foundation Issues Can Ruin Your Garage Door Installation

by Rose Franklin

Cracked masonry, collapsed floors and sunken walls aren't the only problems that a failing foundation can cause for your home. Foundation problems are also a common reason why garage door installations fail. A successful  garage door installation depends on your home being on a solid footing. Without a good foundation, your garage door installation can be ruined by sinking, shifting and other unexpected structural movement.

The following highlights some of the issues that are most commonly seen with garage doors installed in homes with ongoing foundation problems.

Poor Sealing

Foundation problems can create gaps that not only look unsightly, but also allow rodents, insects and other pests to enter your garage. During colder months, garage door gaps caused by bad foundations can allow warm air to escape, making your garage much colder than it should be.

Minor gaps between the bottom of your garage door and floor can be solved by adding a wider rubber seal underneath. Unfortunately, it's a short-term solution that does little to address your home's underlying problem. Meanwhile, your foundation could shift or sink even further, causing that door gap to grow wider.

Constant Jams

Foundation problems can also bend and distort the garage door tracks. This could lead to the rollers getting hung up on bent portions of the track, resulting in jerky movement as the rollers travel over damaged portions. This could make your garage door much harder to open and close properly. In some cases, the foundation damage can even cause the door to freeze up completely.

You can try to solve the problem by straightening out the garage door tracks and making sure the garage door itself is properly balanced. However, these fixes won't get to the heart of your garage door woes.

Hardware Damage

If left unaddressed, a bad foundation can do more than make it difficult to use your garage door. Unexpected movement caused by foundation weaknesses can destroy the garage door itself, along with its hardware. Foundation problems can lead to warped or cracked garage door panels, mangle garage door tracks, potentially dislodge garage door openers and even damage or destroy torsion springs.

Serious Injuries

It goes without saying that an improperly installed garage door can cause serious injuries. Foundation problems can make your garage door unsafe to use, especially if the damage extends to the cables, springs and other critical hardware components.

Tackling foundation issues first is the only way to ensure a smooth and trouble-free garage door installation. If you spot signs of foundation trouble, you should consult with your contractor before further problems develop.