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Choosing Your Perfect Garage Door

Should You Consider An Insulated Garage Door This Winter?

by Rose Franklin

When the weather begins to turn cold, homeowners typically notice a jump in the utility bill. A properly insulated home is the best way to be energy efficient during the winter, and this includes the garage. Since the garage door is generally the biggest in your home, it makes sense that it should be properly insulated. An insulated garage door is a good idea for the following reasons.

Save Money on Utilities

One good thing about this type of garage door is saving money on your utility bill. Since the garage door opens many times each day, the cold air can get into the garage very quickly, which can seep into your home as well. When a garage door is insulated, the garage can reacclimatize more quickly and prevent the need to run the heating system as often.

Make the Home's Temperature More Comfortable

An insulated garage door makes the home warmer. The point of insulation is to maintain the temperature of a room, even a garage. Keeping the room at as normal a temperature as possible will help the home's heating system from needing to fight with the cold air outside.

Increase the Function of a Garage

While most homeowners use a garage to store vehicles, bikes, and the like, others use it as an additional living space. However, if you cannot keep the garage comfortably tempered, you are not as likely to utilize the space. When you install this type of garage door, you can use the garage as you would any other room. You can use it as an office, workshop, or rec room. Additionally, you can also store more temperature-sensitive items in your garage if the door is insulated. If your garage is too cold, there is no way to safely store office electronics or gaming systems without them getting damaged.

Makes the Garage Door More Durable

Another benefit is the actual durability of the door. A regular garage door is much less durable than an insulated garage door. An insulated garage door is constructed from an aluminum or steel framing with a solid insulated core built in between the panes. This construction prevents dents and damage from occurring as easily. An uninsulated garage door is just one layer of steel or aluminum with no protective padding. If you hit the door with a car, bike, or baseball, chances are it will damage quite easily.

If you are interested in an insulated garage door, contact a garage door company like J & R Garage Door Company Inc.