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Hi there, my name is Benjamin Parsley. Welcome to my website. I am here to talk about the wide range of garage doors available for residential buildings. When I moved into my home, I wanted to immediately upgrade my garage door to suit my exact needs. The existing garage door just did not have the functions I needed to easily access my home. I found the perfect garage door and had it professionally installed to complete this project. On this website, I hope to explore the process of selecting a garage door from the vast selection available on the market today. Thank you.


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Choosing Your Perfect Garage Door

Common Garage Door Problems You Should Be Aware Of

by Rose Franklin

You've undoubtedly given your front door a great deal of thought because you're aware that it affects everyone who enters or even walks by your home. By the same rationale, your garage door, which may be more extensive and visible, should get the same, if not more, consideration. It is essential to let your front door set the stage for a new garage door. For starters, a garage door can account for up to 30 percent of your home's front façade, which is a significant portion of your overall curb appeal. The lives of garage doors are relatively straightforward. For instance, year in year out, they go up and down until they don't function as they are supposed to do. Thankfully, the simple function typically results in straightforward repairs. Even the most dependable old garage doors will break down or need significant maintenance at some point. It is possible to enhance and maintain the optimal performance of your garage if you observe essential maintenance and inspection practices. The same advice will help with issues that are only starting to surface.

Repairing a Broken Cable

For any garage door system, cables play essential roles. They pull the garage door's entire weight up when in service and use the leverage the springs provide to perform this task efficiently. Yet they can deteriorate and ultimately split over time. If your garage door does not hang straight on the tracks or it becomes stuck halfway open, it might be time to repair its door cables. If the garage door cable or spring breaks, it can be perilous to handle the repairs if you are not a professional. Improper repairs can result in severe injury. Garage door professionals should handle all damaged cable repairs at all times.

Unresponsive Opening

Sometimes your garage door does not open or close after using the panel buttons or remote control. In this case, a logic board issue or wiring may cause the garage door's opener to malfunction. Therefore, it is advisable to call a garage door repair company if this happens.

Garage Door Off Its Track

Stop using your garage door right away if it falls off its track. It is easy to damage the door entirely or severely if it continues to run off the track. Consider contacting a garage door technician to get it back on its course. A technician may recommend replacing or straightening any of the door panels.

Panel Issues

Sometimes, even slight mishaps will cause unappealing damage to your garage doors and, in most cases, render them useless. Fortunately, if a panel breaks, you don't necessarily have to buy a new door. A licensed garage door repair company can obtain spare parts like hardware and panels based on the current door's make and model. Thus, you can save a few bucks and ensure that your door remains in excellent condition.