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Choosing Your Perfect Garage Door

Epoxy Garage Flooring Problems That Professionals Can Fix For You

by Rose Franklin

Epoxy flooring typically cures into a glossy and elegant surface that protects garage floors from the weather elements. However, you should ensure the flooring contractor installs the coating correctly for the ideal appearance and texture. Simple as it seems, epoxy is quite tricky, and a small installation mistake can lead to a poor quality finish. Note that epoxy typically needs two components to activate: the resin and an activator. The installation expert must get the perfect ratio of the ingredients for the best outcome. Here are some common issues and how professionals will resolve them for you. 

When the Floor Starts Peeling

Peeling is a common issue with epoxy floors. The prevalent weather conditions when you were installing the flooring determine the outcome of the flooring process. The temperature and humidity are the two conditions that usually affect the results of the floor installation. High humidity leads to moisture pooling under the epoxy coating, which leads to peeling. Similarly, the coating will peel when the temperature keeps fluctuating between hot and cold. It is also crucial to prepare the surfaces correctly to minimize the effects of the weather conditions on the resulting floor. To avoid this, ensure the floor has pores that hold the resin, and apply epoxy on a wet floor because it will peel.

When the Floor Starts Losing Color

Discoloration is another common issue with epoxy flooring. You will notice the discoloration when patches of the floor start getting an ugly yellow tint. Discoloration results when the person installs it allows it to exceed its pot life. The pot life is the period you should wait for the mixture to double viscosity after mixing. Your floor might also discolor because you used the wrong hardener. Finally, UV rays and chemical exposure can also lead to loss of color. The best solution to discoloration is recoating the floor. 

When the Floor Forms Blisters

Blisters are clusters of bubbles that appear on the surface of a freshly applied epoxy floor. They could also present in the form of pinholes throughout the surface. The problem comes from the surface being too smooth and the wrong ratio between the materials. Also, leaving the mixture to harden can ruin the outcome. The professional will sand the floor and recoat it for a smooth finish. 

You should avoid applying epoxy floor coatings on your floors at all times. Instead, let a professional handle epoxy garage flooring for you. With their skill and expertise, you get a perfect finish. For more information, contact an epoxy garage floor coating service.