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Choosing Your Perfect Garage Door

5 Reasons Why A Garage Door Opener Fails

by Rose Franklin

A garage door opener adds convenience since you don't have to get out of your car to open the door for parking. Generally, the automatic opener should perform well for many years, although issues can happen. If your door won't open as it should, the following can help you figure out the problem.

1. Damaged Remote

The most obvious problem would be an issue with the remote. If the opener only fails to work when the remote is used but works fine with the wall switch, then the remote battery or the remote itself may need replacement. When multiple remotes fail to work even after battery changes, then the opener may need to be re-coded to the remotes or the remote sensor may require servicing.

2. Safety Sensor Malfunction

Every garage door has safety sensors that prevent it from closing if something is blocking the door, whether it be an object or a person. If you are hitting the button on the remote and wall switch but the door still won't close, then the issue is very likely with the sensor. First, make sure nothing is blocking the track or door. If it's all clear, then the sensors may need to be adjusted or replaced.

3. Limit Level Issues

The limit level setting is what determines how far a door opens. If the limit is set too high, then the door will hit the ground and then immediately reopen. If set too low, the door can fail to even begin to close. Limit level issues are usually a problem with newly installed openers that were not set correctly, but occasionally old units may need to have the limit readjusted in order to once again function properly.

4. Broken Opener Springs

There are springs that connect the automatic garage door opener to the door itself. If these springs break or become so stretched out they lose tension, then the opener won't be able to open the door. In this case, you may hear the motor running but there will be no door movement. A close inspection should reveal the damaged springs. Just leave any repairs to a professional, though, as springs are under tension and can cause injury.

5. Disconnect Enabled

Every automatic garage door opener has a disconnect cable that is designed to allow manual operation of the door in the event of a power outage or opener failure. If the disconnect has been enabled, then simply reconnecting the automatic opener should have the door working in no time.

Contact a garage door opener repair service such as Edgemont Garage Door Service if you need further help in troubleshooting or repairing your opener.